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Spring Break 3: Arizona Sunset – Free Thriller

LC Kanon_spring break 3
Spring Break 3: Arizona Sunset

by LC Kanon/Story Girl Press


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What can a former hit-woman do to make friends in Paradise Valley? Leigh Brennan is certainly trying her best. However, caring for her young son, Felix, in a posh Arizona suburb leaves her at loose ends. Her husband, Guero, works night and day at his consulting business. Leigh bristles when he hires a beautiful young assistant, the scintillating Rebecca Lee, to keep him company.

Leigh is more alone than ever. Until one night, when a mysterious man comes calling—someone who looks suspiciously like her husband . . . Was Guero unfaithful? The appearance of this prodigal son coincides with other strange incidents.

Leigh adds up the deadly arithmetic in her mind. Something is not right. She tries to warn her husband, but Guero remains immersed in his business. As a web of manipulation, lies, and deceit entrap them, Leigh and Guero must find the spark that drew them together in the first place. They better do it fast, before all they fought for melts in the Arizona heat.



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