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Six Steps To Sleep Now – Learn How to Sleep Better With the Natural Insomnia Cure


Learn how to fall asleep fast and how to sleep better for longer with Six Steps To Sleep now, the popular natural insomnia cure that gets to work instantly.

The Six Steps uses natural, practical good sleep hygiene methods to habitually train your body to fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. You will learn how to fall asleep instantly and how to sleep deeply throughout the night, and how to master sleeping in a variety of circumstances and environments.

– Learn how to get to sleep within 10 minutes of getting into bed
– Stop your mind racing with thoughts when trying to sleep
– Stop feeling anxious and restless before bed
– Learn how to sleep for 8 hours without waking through the night
– Be undisturbed by noise pollution and movement
– Be able to sleep well when sharing a bed with a partner
– Sleep soundly in new environments
– Wake up in the morning feeling refreshed, positive & raring to go

In addition to the Six Steps program there are 9 chapters providing practical advice on key problem areas of sleep:

1. Working With Your Natural Cycle
2. Waking up During the Night
3. Stress, Anxiety and Sleep
4. Sleeping the Night before a Big Occasion
5. Napping
6. Sleeping with a Partner
7. Smoking and Sleep
8. Alcohol and Sleep
9. Sleeping on an Aeroplane



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