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Free WordPress Guide


FREE – Oct 16-20!


WordPress For Beginners:
Build, Optimize And Design
A WordPress Website Or Blog
From Scratch, In 3 Easy Steps!

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WordPress truly is an incredible tool, especially for beginners. Through the book, I hope I am able to pass my fondness for WordPress, on to you. Once you see how easy (and even fun) it is to build a shiny, new WordPress website and make it go LIVE on the web you’ll know what I am talking about.



About The Author: Reeta Krishna

ReetaReeta is a web designer/developer with a WordPress fetish! An Economics graduate from Texas A&M (Howdy!), in a previous incarnation she worked as an Economist. Reeta likes to write about web design, optimization and all things WordPress. Not because she is an expert, far from it. But because writing helps her fathom the inner workings and intricacies of the tools that she uses. So, whenever she can take some time off from being totally gobsmacked at the wonders and mysteries of technology..she writes. Website: http://utterlyweb.com/



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