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Paleo Diet For Beginners

101 Amazing Tips You Have To Have !
(Diet and Weight Loss)

FREE Sept 14 – 15


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Paleo Diet For Beginners – 101 Amazing Tips You Have To Have ! (Diet and Weight Loss)

You’ve heard about the paleo diet, but what’s all the fuss about? Can it really make you healthier, stronger, more vibrant, and lead to lasting weight loss?
The answer is yes! And in her new book, author Alexis Cooper presents 101 tips to make adopting the paleo diet easy and fun.
You’ll learn:
11 highly-processed foods to avoid if you want to feel energized and healthy beginning today.

The truth about vegetables, including which offer the most nutrition (and even cancer-fighting antioxidants that prevent cellular damage). Which common, everyday fruit freshens your breath and another delicious favorite that keeps joints healthy and supple (hint: it’s also a natural skin moisturizer). 10 tips for painless meal planning.

And must-have advice for naturally increasing energy and vitality through sleep, diet, and activity

Paleo Diet for Beginners: 101 Amazing Tips You Have to Have! is the perfect book for anyone looking to improve their health through a simple, more natural way of eating. And there’s plenty of meaty insight to satisfy even the most seasoned paleo dieter. Get your copy for Kindle and begin your journey to better health today!



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