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Rona is moving to a new city

by Inbar Shahar


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This is a good bedtime story, the magical process helps the child to overcome uncomfortable feelings and be happy again.


Rona doesn’t want to move to a new city, she feels lonely and misses all her friends. Fluffy, her magical cat takes her through a process where she embraces her new situation and thrives.

“Don’t cry, Rona,” Fluffy said. “Every ending is the beginning of something wonderful.”

“Rona was about to ask Fluffy what she meant but she forgot all about it when she found herself floating in mid-air…”


Amazon order page – http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B6EJ136

Author website – http://ronaandfluffy.weebly.com/

Author on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ronaismoving


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