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Free Book: Christopher Columbus with son, Diego. The 1st Voyage.

CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS WITH SON, DIEGO. THE FIRST VOYAGE. HERE is a story about the lives of the great maritime explorer Christopher Columbus and his son Diego. Their trials, hardship, planning and initially thwarted efforts to cross the Atlantic ocean to the Indies are discussed in full color. This is also a comical and unique look […]


The Founding Fathers: The Lives and Legends of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton

VERIFY PRICE BEFORE ORDERING Like all legends, the staggering accomplishments of the Founding Fathers not only earned them monuments and memorials but helped enshrine their legacies, to the point that they are looked at almost as demigods above reproach. The Founding Fathers examines all of the colossal events and actions these men took, but it […]