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FREEBIE – Body Language Book

Body Language: How to Impress, Connect, and Influence by Mastering Powerful Body Language (Charisma, Confidence, People Skills, and Social Skills)   FREE Nov 6-10   Grab Your FREE Copy!     Wish you knew the secret to sky-high charisma and a powerful presence? Want to effortlessly command respect—without saying a word? Ever noticed how some […]


3 Free Business Success Books – TODAY ONLY!

Personal Marketing: Marketing the Impossible Personal and Professional Five-Step Success Model, Entrepreneurs motivational books Free Copy TODAY Only! Personal Development: Marketing the Impossible – an Amazon Best Seller Remember to claim your free gift for Personal Development: Marketing the Impossible – just email me to receive it Learn how to use the Five Step model […]


How To Help Children with Asperger’s in Communication and Emotions (Parenting Asperger’s Simple Strategies Series)

VERIFY PRICE BEFORE ORDERING “How to Develop Social Skills and Independent Living for Children with Asperger’s Syndrome” gives you practical tips and strategies for helping children with Asperger’s Syndrome to develop these skills. It answers 31 of the most commonly asked questions by parents on these topics; using clear and straightforward language (no hard-to-understand professional […]


15 Successful Communications Lessons by Mark Magnacca

VERIFY PRICE BEFORE ORDERING A brand new collection of essential insights for your business and career from world-renowned experts…now in a convenient e-format, at a great price!   Make Your Point, Get Heard, Get Understood, and Get Action!   Get results! Master breakthrough communications techniques for every audience and every medium—from PowerPoint to face-to-face conversations! […]