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Nobody Can Take My Happy Away

Nobody Can Take My Happy Away by Jessica Arnold   FREE March 10-14   Click HERE for FREE Copy     A book with a positive message about bullying written for kids (and adults too) by a kid! Emily is the new girl at school. She learns quickly that her first day at a new […]


FREE Anxiety Relief WorkBook for Children

The Most Unique Anxiety Workbook for Your Child in the Universe FREE TODAY (Sept. 19th)   Click HERE for Your FREE Copy     GoZen! is a fully-animated, online anxiety relief program for kids. Used in therapist offices nationwide, this anxiety relief program is now available as a fun and engaging illustrated workbook. What we […]


Free Book Today Only – Reiki for Kids

Free Kindle Book – April 12th Reiki for Children Get Your Copy Now!   This book is a complete resource to introduce the benefits of Reiki to children. Reiki is a complete system of natural healing. It is 100% pure, organic, natural and holistic. Reiki works with your whole being on all levels. It is […]


Free Parenting Book: Give Your Child the Best Start from Birth to Five Years (Raising Healthy, Happy and Successful Children)

As parents, we always love our children and constantly try to find out the ways of helping our children and ourselves. From the moment of conception, a child’s rate of growth and development is determined by a complex combination of genetic and environmental factors. Give Your Child the Best Start focuses on the first five […]


How To Help Children with Asperger’s in Communication and Emotions (Parenting Asperger’s Simple Strategies Series)

VERIFY PRICE BEFORE ORDERING “How to Develop Social Skills and Independent Living for Children with Asperger’s Syndrome” gives you practical tips and strategies for helping children with Asperger’s Syndrome to develop these skills. It answers 31 of the most commonly asked questions by parents on these topics; using clear and straightforward language (no hard-to-understand professional […]