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About “Discover Free Books”

Welcome to: DiscoverFreeBooks.com

My goal when planning this site, was to create a place where book lovers could easily find thousands of books on dozens of topics…all for free. I have focused on keeping the design as simple and organized as possible so that you can easily find the genres and categories you are looking for.

Every day, we find and add new discoveries to this database. So if you don’t see a topic that you are looking for…let us know and we will see what we can find.  Please subscribe to our email list to get the weekly scoop on new titles added.


We have included: Kindle Books, Nook Books, PDF’s, Online HTML books, audio books, print books, etc. The opportunities for reading and learning are limitless and no longer dependent on your budget. You can even access Kindle and Nook books without owning a Nook or Kindle. You can access free apps to read these books on your smartphone or desktop computer. How cool is that?!

Not only do I love books as a reader, I am also an author. And I can truly appreciate that authors, especially new authors need cost effective ways to attract new fans for their work. Thankfully, the digital age has made publishing an affordable dream for any new author. The easiest and least expensive way for an author to find interested readers is to offer a digital sample work for free. This gives readers a chance to read the work of new authors and it gives authors the opportunity to connect with new readers. So our goal is to help readers to also discover new authors and to help authors discover new readers.

I am also a homeschooling mom. So my hope is to also make this site a special place where parents who homeschool can find plenty of free resources to supplement their curriculum needs. An abundance of free reading and research materials are just a click away. I have also added links to other resources that would be of help to homeschoolers.

FYI: Just so you know…. I am not an Amazon Affiliate. Amazon no longer accepts affiliates in my state. Regardless, we only feature free books…..ergo no commissions can be earned on free books. You may see some miscellaneous ads on our site. We hope you don’t mind. These few promotions help us “to keep the lights on” in our virtual library.

We do NOT require any membership, registration, etc. before you can access the books on our database. Everything is click and get what you need…hassle free. However, we hope that you will help us to grow and expand our reach. Please do not keep us a secret. Tell your friends, family, followers,  teachers, parent groups, Homeschool groups, author groups, etc. about us. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus. And please subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss any free goodies.

So spread the word and start reading!

~ Jules ~

DiscoverFreeBooks (at) ymail [dot] com.






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